• HFS service portfolio involves the provision of a professional, dignified funeral service to families or individuals who have lost a loved one. The service flow includes the following:

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Removal of the body from the home, hospital or police mortuary, registering the death with department of home affairs, provision of storage for the body, arranging funeral preparation of the body e.g. dressing.

Transporting the body to the home or church for the funeral, digging and preparation of the gravesite.

The following additional services are also available:

Cremations, Exhumations, Printing of Hymn sheets and programs, Media/Press Notice, Bus/Transport service, Grave Plots and Insurance Covers, Hiring of tents and chairs.



The most essential element of a funeral is having a coffin, we provide a wide variety of coffins to choose from.



One of the essentials of a funeral is having a tombstone on the plot, we offer a range of tombstones.


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Including in our affordable products, is our range of quality crosses.